Our mixer rebuilding services are second to none and having rebuilt over 400 units over the years varying from all sizes, from small lab mixers to turn key operations and all types of wear and tear situations we can handle any job.

Our mixers are trusted and used in all types of industry all the way from top Brand name tire manufacturers where our machine is the core element in the factory’s production line where failure is not an option, to small family operations, where the smooth and reliable operation is everything, no job is to big or to small for us.

With the advantages of globalization and air transportation we can be there with you to help out in a manner of hours as many of our customers have seen our great customer service.

With the mixer being the key piece in a mixing plant you cant afford to go wrong , so why not bring it to the experts.

The main features of our machines are: steel fabricated , drilled sides and we offer a variety of optionals: programmable logic controllers for automation of the mixing cycle , Complete Panel with Power Integrater , temperature , speed recorder , and Pc compatible , variable speed , extra heavy duty drives , batch discharge with slide door , 2 or 4 wing rotors , special wear resistance hard surfacing of internal parts of the mixing chamber , No lubrication dust seals , variable pressure dust seals , process oil injectors , hydraulic hoppers, fire protection for silicon mixing and temperature control unit.