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We have a complete inventory of rubber machinery and spare parts, which includes motors, gears, gear reducers, mixer rotors, mill rolls, mixers bodies, complete mill, mixers presses, calenders, extruders, etc. Send us your requirements and we will send you a quotation that will best fit your type of work. With over 120 employees and 200,000 sq ft of indoor warehouse space all equipped with overhead cranes.

Polymer processing

The corporation's "polymer processing equipment division" started in 1974 as a manufacturer of rubber products and adhesives for the footwear industry. When the time came to overhaul and repair the processing machinery, competent suppliers where hard to find. The only option proved to be to undertake the work in-house. Other manufacturers in the rubber industry who where looking for reliable service, experience and specialized facilities were quick to ask for help, the rubber machinery business was born..

The machinery business

The machinery business grew rapidly and KTM / Noramex is now a leading supplier of new, or fully rebuilt, guarantee custom made rubber / polymer processing equipment.

Machinery supplied by KTM / Noramex is currently hard at work manufacturing tires, automotive components, technical goods, rubber pharmaceutical parts and footwear for customers around the world.


Clients range from large multinational companies, who are leaders in their fields, to very small entrepreneurs who learn with the help of KTM / Noramex for all of their technical and processing needs.

In order to supply remanufactured equipment KTM / Noramex has "in stock" a multimillion dollar inventory of heavy duty machinery and parts. This allows us to take care of requirements ranging from a single machine to the "turnkey" installation of a complete production line.

Send us a description of what you need